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Evita sawyer

Evita Sawyers has been practicing non-monogamy for over 6 years and married to her husband Kevin for 16 years. They are the subjects of the documentary “Poly Love”.  The documentary is the first of its kind and chronicles their first polyamorous relationship.


Poly Love  showcases the reality of triad relationships and how complex they can be. She’s also appeared on several podcasts including Inner Hoe Uprising, Unchained Unbothered, and The Jampacked Show; speaking about her experiences as a married polyamorous, bisexual woman of color. She’s also appeared on an Irish Television special with celebrity Vogue Williams to discuss non-monogamy.


A frequent contributor to Black & Poly’s online magazine, Vita has presented at Poly Dallas Millennium, PolyTopia, & Black Poly Pride. People enjoy her frank humorous approach to life, and her candor about her own struggles and how she tackles them. Her passion is helping people avoid the common pitfalls and articulating the complicated emotions experienced in polyamory.

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