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  •   Are there discounts for groups? 

          Yes, if you have 10 people or more who would like to attend any or all of the conference events, please contact us so we can contact you with a group rate.


  • Are  only Black people allowed?

         No. This conference is for Black people, those that love them, those that center them, and those that understand the need for a conference of this sort.


  • Am I still welcome if I’m not poly?

           Yes. Come with any questions and an open mind. As always, be respectful.


  • What does the “poly” in this event refer to?

        When we use the term “poly” throughout this site and event, we are referring to polyamory. Polyamory is the belief in and decision to love more than one. We recognize that there are other love styles and lifestyles that use the root “poly,” but they are not the focus of this conference.


  • Are there any kid-friendly/family-friendly activities?

        We are assessing the desire and need for family-friendly activities at Black Poly Pride 2020! Stay tuned for details on this! 

  • Where can I get tickets?

           Early bird registration begins on November 1, 2019! 

  • I want to help! How I can I do that?

           Thank you in advance. Send an email with your availability to volunteer, as well as any specific skills; to BlackPolyPride@gmail.com. 

  • Do you  provide transportation to the events?

      More details on transportation will be released as venues are selected! 


  • I can’t afford the cost of the hotel & registration feels? Do you have hotels that have discounted rates, or financial assistance for those who want to attend, but can't for financial reasons? 

       Accessibility for all is important to the organizers. We are working hard to make sure that daily dining and lodging are as affordable as possible. We suggest partnered lodging with a roommate to share cost with during your stay. We also have a payment plan available via Patreon! Check back here for more details! 


  • What airport do you suggest?

        We suggest guests fly into Reagan National Airport- DCA. 


  • I can't walk far, I use a wheelchair. Will the places we go have wheelchair accessibility?

       Accessibility is VERY important to us as organizers. We will be engaging the community to insure the highest level of accessibility at our events.