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intimacy conamore

Intimacy is a kinky polygendered human, who has been polyamorous for over 30 years.  a multiracial Two-Spirit Native American. They are the mom of two young black men. They identify as polysexual aka bisexual but open to all humans -not based on gender or genitalia. They are  into unfiltered authenticity of self and uninhibited connectivity with others. Intimacy hosts local poly events to advocate, educate and support polyamorous communities.


Their current focus is  on speaking about polyamory and supporting all polyamorous communities with my personal experience, knowledge and wisdom. Intimacy sits on the Advisory Board for Black Poly Pride 2020, and serves as the brand Ambassador for PolyDallas 2020 and Southwest LoveFest 2020. They are privileged to be a staff member for Loving More, an organization which hosts multiple poly events every year, including PolyLiving Denver 2020. Intimacy also serves as one of the Consent and Safety Team Co-Captains for Bondage Expo Dallas 2020, 

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