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KAtrina tucke

Katrina Tucker is a Femme Dominant.  She has been ethically non-monogamous for the past fifteen years and polyamorous for seven years. A native of Memphis, TN, Katrina is the Mother of an amazing five year old and lives with Her loves and co-parents. She has been a part of the Atlanta Polyamorous community since 2015. 


Katrina completed Her Dominant training in 2013, and continues to learn and grow every day. She believes that true leadership involves both guidance and service. Katrina is a strong advocate of therapy and is passionate about the intersection of freedom and ownership within BDSM dynamics.  


Katrina’s background is in law and finance and She has taught in Her field for over ten years. She is thrilled to extend that skill for the first time with us here at Black Poly Pride 2020. She is excited to co-present with Dr. Tre Michael about the convergence of polyamory and BDSM. 

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