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An Open Letter to Our Community 

We hope that this letter finds you and your polycules safe and healthy. We are writing to you today to shine light on a situation that has been brewing for quite some time. 


As you probably know, we both have served as Admins in Black & Poly since 2018, and were the Founding Admins of Young Black & Poly.


 During our time as Admins of one of the largest Facebook groups centering Black polyamory, we made it our mission to create and protect a safe space for women, and our LGBTQIA family. This work, although dear to our hearts, was met with apathy at best; and opposition at worst by other leaders in the Organization. We were left with the option to continue on while allowing our sweat equity to be overlooked, co-opted, and our voices largely ignored. 


For a year we continued on; with hopes that we could have more candid and open conversations with the Black&Poly admin team to collectively combat the transphobia, homophobia, and gaslighting of black women that ran rampant but- to no avail.We routinely moderated posts that denigrated women and Queer people; and should never have been approved.

 We continually took our concerns to the other Admins; and the Founder of Black & Poly, Ron Young. After several attempts to create a safer space within Black & Poly; and standing up to Leadership; we were both unceremoniously removed as Admins. This removal came on May 14, 2020-  after we both made it clear that we did not wish to abandon the thousands of members who joined the group off the strength of our roles therein.


       To that end, we think it is important to publicly announce that; individually and as a unit; we no longer have an established affiliation; or a working relationship with Black & Poly. 


Although we are troubled by the leadership of Black & Poly’s unethical negligence, we have noticed a void in the Black polyamorous community; and we are recommitting to the Poly Cultural Diversity Alliance’s mission: the creation, preservation and unity of SAFE, FUN, EDUCATIONAL spaces for Queer, POC & Black polyamorous people. 


Our experience at Black & Poly has illuminated the need for clear guidelines surrounding creating and operating safe online spaces (the epicenter of our community). Therefore, we will be working to create “Online Rules of Engagement” that will help guide online polyamorous groups in their efforts to insure safe spaces for all. 


Thank you so much for your support of  our endeavors, large and small. We look forward to continuing to serve our communities as educators, activists, and event planners. Please watch our social media for exciting announcements about what’s next for The Poly Cultural Diversity Alliance! 


Chaneé Jackson Kendall                       &            Cherí Calico Roman

 Chaneé Jackson Kendall                          Cherí Calico Roman

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