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Request for Presenters

Black Polyamory: A Revolutionary Act 

  • Poly 101 Topics: The Basics  

  • Poly 301 Topics: The Stuff Nobody Ever Discusses 

  • The Politics of Polyamory 

  • Polyamory & the Law

  • Polyamorous Parenting 

  • Dating in Polyam Spaces

  • Polyamorous Family Planning 

  • Longevity in Polyamory 

  • Polyamorous  Financial Literacy & Plannnig 

  • Polyamory as We Age 

  • End of Life Planning for Polyamorous People 

  • Community Building in Real Life 

  • The History of Black Polyamory 

  • Growing up Poly 

  • Queer Polyamorous Politics 

  • Bridging the Generational Gap: Seasoned, Black & Poly / Young Black & Poly 

  • Exploration of Privilege in the Practice ofPolyamory 

  • The Intersection of Polyamory and BDSM 

  • Navigating Power Dynamics in Polyamory 

  • BDSM Houses 

  • Polyamory and -isms (Colorism, Classism, Racism etc) 

  • Time Management as a Polyamorous Person 

  • Black People Shit: How Our Culture Affects the Way We Poly (And Why It Doesn’t Work)

  • Consent & the Importance of Consent in Black Polyamorous Relationships 


In general, we are looking for NEW content. Never- before presented takes on issues related to polyamory and Black people. New presenters are encouraged to apply. There is mentoring and presentation assistance for FirstTimers. 


Submissions are encouraged to include the following: 

  • Title 

  • Desired Format (Class, Wokshop, Panel, Etc) 

  • Preferred Audience Size 

  • Time Requested 

  • Any props or materials needed 

  • Brief synopsis of material to be covered 

  • Where/ When this presentation has been heard before in the past 24 months 

  • Accessibility accommodations 

Email submissions to 

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