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roselyn thomas

Roselyn is a solo and egalitarian polyamorous Black Feminist. She’s a Southerner who found a home in the progressive, sex positive, kinky communities of the Bay Area. She’s a Black woman who loves being Black and Black people. Roselyn is the creator of Loving Solo, a personal blog and Facebook page about solo polyamory from the perspective of a Black woman.


In her words, “Loving Solo is about creating the life and relationships we want. Ones that center on our own autonomy and healthy interdependence with our loved ones. It is about developing a SoPo community that centers the experience of those on the margins of our already marginal community.” She loves to talk about how her politics inform the relationships she forms with herself and others. Beyond her personal life she also writes often about how systems of power shape the experience of polyamorous (solo and otherwise) identity and spaces.


In addition to curating Loving Solo, Roselyn is the founder of Hella Polyamorous a group for polyamorous POC living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She serves on the advisory board for the Black Poly Pride 2020 Conference. She was also an organizer for Solo Polyamorous UnConference in 2019. She also moderates the Facebook groups, Solo Polyamory and Geeky Egalitarian Polyamory. Roselyn is a big believer that community can be a helpful support in navigating ethical non-monogamy and that service to help co-create these groups, conferences, and spaces is a great way to develop friendships and networks.

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