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Dr. TRé michael

Dr. Tre Michael is a trained social science researcher and university faculty member with backgrounds in psychology and education technology. She is a pan-sexual, life-long non-monogamist and long-time member of the Atlanta Black polyamory community.


Having led several polyamory groups on Facebook nearly a decade ago, she is also an active student and practitioner of BDSM since 2013 (identity: submissive; scene name: docBlu; doc-Blu on fetlife). She strongly advocates for the self-work that is essential to navigating non-mainstream love and relationship styles.

An accomplished presenter in her vanilla life, she is an avid volunteer at events and conferences related to kink/BDSM and looks forward to her debut presentation at Black Poly Pride 2020. Please join her as she co-presents with Katrina Tucker on the intersection of polyamory and power exchange.

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