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Intersections: a community dialogue on holding multiple marginalized identities 

Everything will change. The only question is growing up or decaying.

– Nikki Giovanni


We all carry a multiplicity of identities, some are chosen and others are ascribed. These labels interact with one another in different ways, and shifts our relationships with others and with the world around us. How do our intersecting identities and the traumas associated with them influence how and who we love?


This dialogue is a space for Black LGBTQ Polys to sift through the complex experience of being subjected to micro- and macro- aggressions associated with racism, heterosexism, and in the case of non-monogamy, amatonormativity

Intersections: a community dialogue on holding multiple marginalized identities 

In a white, monogamous, cis-hetero normative society, alternative lifestyles such as ethical non-monogamy and BDSM seldom show representation for people of color, particularly black folks. It is even more of a challenge to hear the queer community mentioned in these discussions. In this panel, we take the time to create a safe space where we can provide information and answer questions about how we navigate social media and the physical world as queer black kinksters. 


We will discuss ethical non-monogamy, Dom/sub dynamics and how queerness and gender play a part, introductions and rules to BDSM and other forms of kink, and how race plays a huge factor in the industry. This panel will be for everyone from beginners to veterans of the community so please join us for a fun, queer, and kinky experience!

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